It's a pretty kick-ass module*

Welcome to the World of Versio

Unlock the full potential of your Versio with alternate firmwares and DIY resources.

Versio is a shapeshifting effects platform. Turn your Versio into a clocked delay, ADSR-controlled VCA, or something completely different! Our firmware is always free for Versio owners, so change your Versio module whenever inspiration strikes! Forget menu diving. Say hello to a whole new building block for modular synthesis.

*if we do say so ourselves

Library of swappable, free firmwares

Unique features like DUCK/DOOM/FSU

Open source: Create your own firmware


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There's so much to explore in the World of Versio. All modules are available to purchase, but Versio owners can use any firmware for free! Change your module whenever inspiration strikes at the Customer Portal.

  • Melotus Versio
    Melotus Versio granular texturizer in black panel | Noise Engineering
  • Ruina Versio
    Ruina Versio distortion black Eurorack module with an ominous eyeball icon, with knobs and switches on the top and jacks on the bottom. | Noise Engineering
  • Electus Versio
    Clocked reverb/delay for stereo-in, stereo-out DSP platform in black | Electus Versio by Noise Engineering
  • Imitor Versio
    Stereo-in, stereo-out 12-tap multimode delay with clock sync and tap tempo plus DSP platform for Eurorack in black | Imitor Versio by Noise Engineering
  • Lacrima Versio
    Autowah from hell on a stereo-in, stereo-out DSP platform for Eurorack in black | Lacrima Versio by Noise Engineering
  • Ampla Versio
    ADSR-controlled VCA and resonant filter gate on a DSP platform in black | Ampla Versio by Noise Engineering

It's an Open-Source Platform

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Bat Conservation International

Noise Engineering is happy to support bat conservation. A portion of the proceeds of every Desmodus Versio sold will be contributed to Bat Conservation International. Buy a module, feel good about yourself!